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We invite you to join us in sunny central Texas on a thrilling, semi-guided Wild Hog, Coyote,

and Bobcat hunts. Comfortable lodging including 3 home cooked meals, Television,

FREE WIFI and much more is available at our hunting lodge.

Arrowhead Outfitters LLC has been successfully hunting over 100,000+ acres of private ranches with NO HIGH FENCE for over 30 years. Our Clients harvest Large Wild Boars weighing over 400 pounds with huge tusks along with Trophy Whitetail Deer, Coyotes, and Bobcats. We are exceptionally successful due to the numerous feeder locations and plentiful prime Hog habit. Unlike game farms who generally charge you for each hog taken, we do not charge by the number of Wild Boar you shoot. We also harvest larger Boars than most game farms. The farms must pay for each animal on location and bigger Boars with large tusks cost more. Our hunters shoot large, wild, free-roaming Hogs with big tusks on every hunt; it doesn’t cost them a penny more. Our central Texas hunting areas have plentiful Bobcat and Coyote with great opportunities to harvest them. On occasion, our hunters have spotted Mountain Lions. Yes, Mountain Lions! Over the past 6 years, our hunters have seen and missed several, so keep your eyes out! If you are a Bobcat and/or Coyote hunter, your hunt will be enhanced by having an experienced guide call Bobcat and Coyote within close range for you.  
We charge a $250 Trophy Fee for our Bobcat's. 


Types of Hunting
Our White-tail Deer hunts are conducted in a variety of different ways including, spot and stalk and stand or blind hunting. Wild boar hunting is spot and stalk and stand or blind hunting game trails, wallowing holes, feeder locations, etc. Hunters may bring their choice of rifle, bow or muzzleloader or a combination.

Who Can Hunt
Wild boar, Whitetail, and Predator hunting in Texas is great for the entire family and folks of all ages. If you can get in a truck you can hunt with us. We love seeing kids come out to hunt. They always have a fun and an exiting time.

Climate, Terrain and Accessibility
Temperature and weather conditions are generally warm and pleasant

during our months of operation. The weather makes perfect hunting

conditions each year. Our hunting locations are in prime Deer,

Wild Boar, Coyote, & Bobcat habitat. All locations have been carefully selected to ensure your success and enjoyment. Most of our hunting locations are easily accessible by truck and ATV. Additionally, your guide is there to ensure your success by helping you transport your Deer and Hogs out of the field.

Whitetail Deer/Hog Combo Hunt $2995


These combination hunt packages include trophy Texas White-Tail Deer, Wild Hogs, Bobcat & Coyote. Imagine yourself sitting on our large front deck overlooking a large Texas ranch field and pond. You watch wild hogs, coyote and waterfowl, while listening to the sounds of the Texas wilderness. You don’t want to miss out on this unique and exciting hunting experience. Our Deer hunts are conducted in a variety of ways including: spot and stalk, stand or blind hunting. Hog hunting is spot and stalk, stand or blind hunting. This will take place along game trails, wallowing holes, feeder locations, etc.. Hunters may bring their choice of rifle, bow, muzzleloader or a combination.

Kids Hunting


Kids love to come hunt with us

They get to Hunt and Play!!!  We have a large field at camp for them to run and play catch when they are not hunting. We also have a pond for them to fish for Bass and Catfish. They leave after having a great experience and lots of  memories. 


Things to Know Before Hunting


  • Under 9 years of age: You must be accompanied. Accompanied means: By a person (resident or non-resident) who is at least 17, who is licensed to hunt in Texas, who has passed hunter education or is exempt (born before Sept. 2, 1971)


More things to know


  • Age 9 through 16: You must successfully complete a hunter education course or be accompanied.
  • Age 17 and over: You must successfully complete a hunter education course; or purchase a "Hunter Education Deferral" and be accompanied.


Batcheler/Batchelerette Party's


Family Reunions/Corporate Retreats


Father/Son bonding


Mother/Son Bonding


Cetch and release on Cheeto Pond


Bass, and Catefish

Search for Treasure


Arrowheads and petrified wood


Texas Wild Boar and Predator Hunts

Location:  Cameron, Texas
Duration:  5 Hunting Days  Sunday – Thursday
Dates:        October through May call for available dates


Prices:       1 Day Hunt: $250 Includes Lunch

                   2 Day Hunt: $600 Includes Lodging and Meals

                   3 Day Hunt: $900 Includes Lodging and Meals

                   4 Day Hunt: $1200 Includes Lodging and Meals

                   5 Day Hunt: $1495 Includes Lodging and Meals

Kids:         16 and under 1/2 price

*We do require a Deposit of half your hunt to hold your spot. 

*If you are unable to make it to your hunt we will hold your deposit for you to use within one year. 



Relax and watch TV


Satellite Television and Wifi

Sit back and Relax after Hunting


Coffee, Water, and Snacks


Coffee, Water, fruit, chips, candy and a variety of snacks.

Sleeping Quarters


We have 4 bedrooms

Sleeping Quarters


Total of 10 comfortable beds

Sleeping Quarters


4 Queen beds and 6 Twin beds

Non-Resident 5 Day Special Hunting License Type 157 $48

Resident Hunting License $25

click here to get your hunting license

Contact Us

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Call us anytime with questions and to book your hunt. 

Arrowhead Outfitters Hogs


(360) 460-4016




This was our 3rd trip down! 3 of us took 14 hogs in 4 days! That's a lot of pork! Mark has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to putting us in the right place at the right time. He and Jamie made us feel at home as soon as we arrived . Good home cooking, comfortable quarters and great company! Very affordable hunt. We will be back next year!


Had a great time hunting deer and hogs at arrowhead outfitters! If you want to see lots of big bucks and hogs this is the place to go!  The food was amazing, more than i could eat every day! Thanks again Mark and Jaime!


Great overall experience on the ranch.  Many places to hunt, different types of hunt, plenty of game to hunt.  Mark Tieden is a great guide and provided excellent services.  His wife Jamie Tieden provided excellent hospitality.  I would recommend this place to anyone, had an amazing time!


I had a Great time on the ranch, they do have pigs that's for sure!! signs are everywhere, Blinds are well places & maintained, feeder are full!! If you cant get one from a stand Mark will get you on the hogs with a afternoon spot and stalk. They are there and he knows where to find them!! 

Thanks to Mark & Jamie for making me feel right at home and treating me like a long time friend, not just a client!!  I would recommend Arrowhead Outfitters to anyone and will be going back myself in the near future!!

Kurt Lauderbaugh

I had  a very successful hunt with Arrowhead Outfitters very accommodating and plenty of Hogs and I like the fact that it's a low fence hunt. Mark and Jamie did a fine job catering to us and the guides were great. 

Amy-Beth Davis

FABULOUS experience and hosts... Mark is a most excellent guide and Jamie is a hard-working, talented ANGEL. Thank you for an amazing time and hunt experience. Max and AB

More Reviews


Gary Bourret

Definitely one of the better outfitters I've hunted with from Alaska to New Mexico. In 2.5 days I saw about 32 hogs. 30 in one evening. Their new lodging facilities are excellent as is the cook. Think a raccoon/hog combo hunt should be featured. Guys with .17cal, .22 mag or .223 could thin some raccoons and enjoy it. Hunters need to be prepared for night hunting with special optics etc. I took one hog in the 200 pound category. Coyotes were plentiful and added another plus for folks wanting to add them to the bag. Hunt costs are very reasonable. 

Vincent Lewis

Thank you Arrowhead Outfitters for the fun and memorial weekend hunt. I still am amazed by the variety of animals we were able to see and harvest. The hunting experience was well worth the drive from North Carolina and we will definitely book another hunt with you.